Dream Plagiarism

Dream Plagiarism
Saturday — November 5th, 2011

I had this crazy dream, and I wanted to make it into a TV series. After I started typing it up I started to change the characters around a bit to make sure I wasn’t copying it verbatim. Midway through I realized, if I dreamed it, it should be original why was I worried about copying myself.


  1. Lukkai

    I tend to have these kind of half-conscious dreams when just falling asleep or shortly before waking up, where I have enough control to actually dream about a story/some charas I made up, but then have no or only partial control about where it goes from there.
    Got some of my best scenes from these, but it can be really hard to translate them into written form, since I’m more or less experiencing them as a movie or (less often) series of drawings.
    Sometimes triggered from a certain piece of music as well. Daydreams then.

  2. Danny


    Apparently, as you write your dreams down more often the easier it becomes for recalling them. It’s actually one of the first steps at being able to lucid dream.

    I actually get SIRI to take notes for me as soon as I wake up.

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