Dragon Age AI

Dragon Age AI
Saturday — November 21st, 2009

I recently cleared dragon age. I ended up having to cheat, because there was a bug in Orzammar, where if you try to do missions for both the prince and Harrowmont, both of them will not talk to you at some point. Overall the game is pretty amazing. The graphics are good, and all the dialog has good voice acting. My only complaint is the stock AI, which is incredibly stupid. You had to customize everything for them, often you even had to play as them just to get the effect you want. Often times I found myself in the situation from the comic, getting swarmed, overwhelmed, and dead. I mean if you put Alistair as defense, he will just freaken stand there while you get ganked by 50 darkspawn. I learned my lesson on the first play through as a mage, and rerolled as a two hand warrior, the game became way easier, and much more fun.


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  1. JackXD

    Wow, the same thing happened to me. Except, that the first time i played on normal and the second on easy.

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