Dealing With Collection Calls

Dealing With Collection Calls
Saturday — March 6th, 2010

Recently, someone I know received a collection call for a credit card debt that was 6 years old. This card was not something she was even aware of and because of the high interest the amount had tripled. The collection agency threatened her with legal action, and conned her into signing some documents that stated she acknowledged the debt.

If only she knew that in Ontario, if the debt is older then 2 years and you don’t acknowledge it, they can’t take legal action against you. As her debt was older, it had a 6 year limit, which she reached. So if she had just hung up, and ignored them completely, they could do nothing. But because she had signed a form asking for more information the 6 year limit is reset.

Thankfully we found out she emailed her signature to the wrong place :D


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