Dating Mobile Development Platforms

Dating Mobile Development Platforms
Tuesday — October 4th, 2011

I’ve worked on quite a few mobile development platforms. While all of them have their quirks, none can match the LOVE I feel from Apple.

No other platform gives me butterflies during compiling. Nor can they incite the roller-coaster ride of emotions during the submission process. What will it be today? Provision issues? Human interface guideline issues? Sales and trends down for 15 hours?

Yet despite all of this, there are thousands of apps released everyday for this platform. Apple definitely has the ecosystem of hungry fish, and plenty of food to feed them. Unlike Windows, who will pay for apps at this point in time. Or the complete wild wild west of the Android market place.

Recently I’ve decided to publish my first paid app. I took a different approach this time. I didn’t just make a random flash light app or phone fart like the last time. I partnered with a world renowned astrologer Robin Armstrong, the former astrology writer for to make a modern day Astrology application. The app is like a daily horoscope, except it tells you about the compatibility you have with your partner. It can be used for both business meeting and romantic meetings. Apparently Pierre Trudeau used astrology to help pass bills, by making sure his opponents made decisions when Mercury was in retrograde.

To ease the pain of developing with XCode, I did the entire project with Phonegap and JQuery Mobile. The project took about a month of development time. I was worried that Apple would reject the app because it was all in HTML5/CSS/Javascript in a UIWebView, but to my surprise the app passed with no complaints.

Download it here!

I’m still in the process of collecting sales data, and I’ll post the results post in a few weeks. I made some pretty unique banners so hopefully they’ll attract some buyers.



  1. bender

    lol, windows is a nerd chick (which i find sexy), android is a whore, and apple is ice-cold…

  2. Danny

    Right on the money :D

  3. bender

    Danny, is it harder to develop apps for cell phones (sigh. Fine, mobile apps)
    than it is to write a program for a PC? I mean, how to distribute it, any special shit to write it (can i just slap a program together like in a PC?)
    etc. I would like to start writing android apps, cause that’s where the money is (really, apps in general, but i am a linux person) but do not know where to start. And pleeeassse… tell me i can write them in python… (preferred programming language)

  4. Danny

    Glad to hear someone is interested in writing apps.

    There are 2 routes.
    Route 1:
    Download the free Android SDK.

    Follow the tutorials there, get good at JAVA. The most important aspect is to learn their model. Learning their lingo like creating “Activities”. Since you mentioned you have done python, I assume you can already code, so I think it would only take you a month or two tops to get an app out.

    Route 2:
    Learn the jquery mobile frame work. Javascript + HTML + CSS. I went this route as I hate to wait for compiling. Then using phonegap you can build a binary you can release on the store.

    As for releasing on the store. I believe all you need to do is fill out a short form, and pay the $25 dollar registration fee. Upload your binary and wait for it to show up on the store.

    A note on the money. Not to rain on your parade, but the money isn’t as good as you think. You have to make a really compelling application before you will see any revenue. Even with mass advertising, the Astro Dating 2012 app I wrote isn’t getting sales. My advice to you is to create an application you yourself would use and enjoy regardless if there are no downloads. Also for your first few apps, consider making them free and ad supported.

    Best of luck.


  5. bender

    i was thinking about an app that keeps track of someone’s passwords for them.
    I would really be able to use that, and know many people who would too. I was
    thinking as far as security goes, i would use the keyring idea (one password to
    show all your other passwords) Not always can one just have their browser save
    the password (like building entry codes (my dad has gov security clearance, and i can only imagine the length of the passwords he has to remember every time), and really any password not stored on one’s computer) I figured people would find it
    handy enough for sales to explode.

  6. Danny


    Sounds like a good idea. I would recommend the android style swipe pattern to unlock. Then show a clean way to organize passwords. Or a quick search bar.

  7. google play

    Ѕavеd аs a favorite, I liκe youг site!

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