Cutting Prices

Cutting Prices
Thursday — August 27th, 2009

Sony finally decided to cut the prices of their PS3. But oddly they went out and released slimmer (better) hardware for the exact same price. I would like to say to the marketing people, WTF?! Why would you announce a better hardware at the same time as your price cut? I mean, there is no chance in hell I would personally buy an original PS3 now. I mean the classic 80gig one doesn’t even support ps2 games. So there is absolutely no reason to buy a giant burning ROCK.

If I were in charge of product management/marketing or what ever the hell made this decision, I would have cut the price. Waited 2 to 3 months to avoid returns, then announce hey everyone we got a new one coming in 1 to 2 months. By then you would have cleared out a lot of the inventory, because people were already waiting for the PS3 price cut. Instead, you just get people who will wait for the slim to come out and not sell any of the inventory. I mean the old thing is freakishly HUGE. You can block out the sun if you through enough of them into the sky.


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