Completely Original

Completely Original
Thursday — February 4th, 2010

Alex and I have been talking about making a game for a while. The game I had in mind was an epic fantasy, where the hero learns life lessons and solves puzzles that makes the player feel like they kicked ass. Too bad we have way too many other things on our plates.

Also see you all at PAX EAST.


Rant re: Crappy Sequels and Clones

The problem with bad sequels and clones are that they only copy the gimmick part. That’s the easy part to remember and crystallize. With MMORPGSs, it’s a minimap in the top right, a bar full of skills, and the standard lineup of classes (tank, DPS, healer, mage, etc.). For JRPGs, it’s usually stuff like a mute hero with a funny haircut, numbers falling out when you hit enemies, and items that restore HP. With the movie Jaws, it’s a giant shark oh my god get in the chopper

The thing that’s missing is an assemblage of great scenario design, music, characters, art, “gameplay”, context, history, set pieces, etc. For a good sequel, you have to copy that too (hard), or else make up your own (even harder). All too often, that part of fudged by adding additional features; it’s the traditional Mega Man effect, adding feature after feature each release, ultimately diluting the experience. It’s like stapling a Twinkie to a steak.

So that’s the difference between old Sonic and new Sonic. That’s the difference between Jaws and Jaws 4: The Revenge. That’s the difference between the Beatles and the Jonas Brothers. That’s the difference between a thunderstorm and licking a 9-volt battery.

– Alex

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