Chew Don’t Shoot

Chew Don’t Shoot
Thursday — October 1st, 2009

Did you notice all jello shooters have a warning sign? These warning labels are a recent addition. But don’t you ever wonder how these labels ended up on the packing? Did someone sue the company for crap loads of money? Or was the company like, “oh noes, we kills more kids than lawn darts“.



  1. J

    Actually, it was because of a number of fatalities among children consuming such food dating back a decade or so. We’re lucky the “mini-cup jelly” wasn’t banned outright – there was a loud brouhaha back then among parents, pediatricians and child activists (the jelly is banned in the US and the EU). The result was that we now ban certain products for their specific jelly consistency, size of the konjac cube, etc., and require importers to clearly label the product. In fact, there have been related CFIA recalls as recently at this January for exceeding the choke risk threshold.

  2. danny

    Wow I was having so much trouble finding that info, you rock!

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