#checkit #charliesheen #winning

#checkit #charliesheen #winning
Tuesday — March 8th, 2011

One million Twitter followers in one day. This guy is pretty funny.

Too bad he’s unemployed right now, but I’m sure he’ll manage… somehow.

– Alex

Making a scene

I make scenes all the time but I don’t have 1 million followers :P

I’m having an interesting time at my new work place. I just realized how hard it is to manage people. Especially smart people. I think the issue isn’t that it’s hard to manage people. It’s hard managing their expectations of me. Maybe I just need to stop caring about what other people think.


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  1. C'est Moi

    Charlie Sheen is being vilified because of his involvement in the 9/11 truth. After they make him look bad, he’ll have a convenient ‘overdose’
    Flights 11 and 77 didn’t even exist. No take off times, no relatives in CA waiting at the airport. Pentagon – cruise missile, Pennsylvania – the ‘crash’ in on 1994 GEOS maps.

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