—Regular Cast

RJ Eckert

J. Presper Eckert is the reference, inventor of the first general-purpose electronic digital computer.

Hair: Dirty brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 5′ 11″
Build: medium/buff
Blood Type: O-positive
Myers-Briggs Type: ENTP – Inventor
Personification of: Spring, Spades, North, Fire, Tarot-The Fool/The Hanged Man/The Tower, Fighter


Family emigrated from Europe in the 1700s. Single child.

Focused on practical software and mis-mash of various other courses to fill in the required credits. Interest in entrepreneurship, but lacks discipline. Currently employed in a company downtown and rooms with Eugine.


- Comes from a long line of inventor go-getters.
- Moral enemy is Fish. No reason given.
- Hobbies include getting rich quick, building energy efficient items, and just learning as much about the world through trial and error.
- Enjoys boxing, Muay Thai, jujitsu, judo, Wing Chun and Capoeira to name a few

Eugine Reinitzer

Eugine is named after Friedrich Reinitzer the dude that invented lcd. He’s a real “bright” guy, lol.

Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown/Black
Height: 5′ 10″
Build: medium/thin
Blood Type: A-positive
Myers-Briggs Type: ITFJ – Architect
Personification of: Autumn, Clubs, South, Water, Tarot-The Hermit/Temperance/The Devil, Black Mage


Family emigrated from Europe in the 1700s. One older sister (4 years), she’s hot.

Focused on practical software with an option in managerial science. Interest in techlogy and the future. No particular ambition; waiting for world apocalypse or singularity instead. Always has a constant sense of impending doom. Currently employed in a company downtown and rooms with RJ.


- His hobbies involve video games, problem solving, surfing the internet for lulz
- He enjoys beautiful things. His room is full of anime girls posters, which he replies “This is research”.
- Enjoys wearing turtlenecks
- Mostly plays straight-man to RJ’s wacky schemes
- Dislikes the outside; “why do you think we invented ‘inside’?”

Perl Wong

Like the language Perl, a swiss army chainsaw butterfly.

Hair: black, short; occasionally dyed pink/purple/neon green/etc.
Eyes: brown; occasionally uses colour contacts
Height: 5′ 6″
Build: slim/petite
Blood Type: B
Myers-Briggs Type: ESFP – Performer
Personification of: Summer, Hearts, West, Air, Tarot-The Sun/The Star/The World, Black Belt


Asian family emigrated to Canada in the early sixties from Hong Kong. Parents speak fluent English. Has two older brothers.

Focused on controls systems and RF. Developed a learned helplessness with computers, shows moderate distrust of technology and her abilities with technology. Exceptionally good at her areas of competency, but kind of airheaded otherwise. Managed to complete a Computer Engineering degree without knowing how to operate a computer. Currently works with a design consulting firm downtown. Rooms with Ada.


- Bright, effervescent personality; is not phased by much
- Has a tendency to linger on the last syllable of sentences she speaks
- Enjoys staying active, aerobic sports (cycling, running)
- Totally enjoys cosplay (shoujo anime, popular tv shows, etc.)
- Has a surprisingly good tolerance for alcohol


Kaorin, Hiiragi Tsukasa, Tsukimiya Ayu, Kinomoto Sakura, Henrietta (Gunslinger Girl), April O’Neil, Roll Light, Paula Polestar, Suzumiya Haruhi, and the list continues.

Ada Hatelace

Just like Ada Lovelace, only with more hate.

Hair: Straw/Brunette, long with hairclip, occasionally tied to the side
Eyes: Grey-blue
Height: 5′ 8″
Build: medium
Blood Type: A
Myers-Briggs Type: INTJ – Mastermind
Personification of: Winter, Diamonds, East, Earth, Tarot-The Magician/The Empress/Judgement, White Mage


German family who was part of nobility, in fact her Great Grandfather was next inline to become Kaiser, until a incident involving a sausage forced them to flee the country in the 1800s. Single child. Knows RJ from grade school, but moved away before high school.

Focused on software, more theoretical (graph theory, optimization; computer sciency stuff), with a minor/option in cognitive science. Still self-studies on campus in preparation for a post-doc. Currently works on various short-term contract jobs downtown. Rooms with Perl.


- Cool, calm, calculative
- Reads about human nature, psychology, machivellian techniques, “how to manipulate people”
- Has an antique firearm collection (inherited from family)
- Hates sausages
- Enjoys having things in their proper place; doing things properly

Other Characters

Random hot girl
Angry looking guy
Mom that brings daughter everywhere

—Aegis Cast

Derrick Fischer

Co-inventor of the portable shield generator known as the AEGIS. He is also the main protagonist of the story.

Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5′ 11″
Build: medium/skinny
Blood Type: AB-positive


The only child of two professors. Spent most of his childhood in gifted programs. Graduated top of class at MIT Theoretical Physics program. Despite multiple offers from the worlds top companies, he choose to work for a small company SolariCorp, as he felt he could make the most difference there.

His typical day consist of waking up, grabbing some Starbucks, spending 12 hours a day in the lab working on the prototype of the Aegis, returning home in the evening to play 4-5 hours of World of Duke Nukem Forever.


- Smarter then the average bear
- Has major crush on Valerie Kringle
- Wishes to make an impact on the world
- Cunning

Valerie Kringle

Co-inventor of the AEGIS. Catalyst for the events of the comic series.

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 5′ 8″
Build: small/athletic
Blood Type: A-positive


The eldest of 3 children (2 younger brothers), Valerie has always been a leader. She graduated from Stanford as a Theoretical Physicist, and was instantly interested in the shield program at SolariCorp and its potential to solve the world energy crisis. She worked 5 long years, but was unable to create a working prototype. When the project was about the be scrapped, Fischer came out of the blue and solved the major road block, designing a new heatsink control module. She was ecstatic about being apart solving the world energy issue by making Higgs Reactors safe. Unfortunately SolariCorp, became the target of a buy out by Atlantisan Corp, which plans on converting the project for military use.

Taking matters into her own hands, she convinces the younger Fischer to help her release this technology to the world.


- Ruthless
- Cool and calculative
- Strong willed


Hacker, code name RORO, Fischer’s guild mate in world of Duke Nukem Forever. Married to him in game, just for the buffs.

Hair: Red
Eyes: Grey
Height: 5′ 7″
Build: small/skinny
Blood Type: B-positive


Ruby lost her sight at a young age, but thanks to advances in medicine, she can see via optical implants linked from her visor. Developing an interest for computers at a young age, she quickly became one of the most infamous hackers of the 23rd century. Her visor can also link directly with computer outputs, allowing her to use a computer without the bulky monitors. She commands a bot net of over 1 billion PCs, which she uses to do her (usually grey hat) bidding. She works from contract to contract, picking only jobs she finds challenging and/or rewarding.

Her typical day consist of knitting while hacking and playing WoDNF, as all these tasks have become second nature. She met Fischer online during a raid, and found him “interesting”. They later married in game to gain the in-game benefits. She has a crush on Fischer in real life but finds it hard to express.


- Kind
- Strong willed
- Hacker mentality


Works for the Septentrion, a shadow corporation which pulls strings on all of the Big 5 corporations. They play a role in controlling the influx of “disruptive” technologies, such as The AEGIS. Often he works under the disguise of the Better Business Bureau to “work with” the companies that spawn disruptive technology.

Hair: Grey
Eyes: Black
Height: 6′
Build: Big/athletic
Blood Type: A-positive


Thacher is a “Septentrion Reaper”, a special agent sent to retrieve technology. His main task is the ensure the technology is not leaked to the general public without the Septentrion’s blessing. This is a relatively easy task as networks in the 23rd century are “localized”, and one would have to leave the corporate “zone” and get into the neutral zone in order to post to the greater web. His secondary task is to record and extract test data from the technology to help with its evaluation.

Thacher is trained in Krav Maga and is proficient in all forms of firearms ranging from rail guns to flame throwers. Since police protection is now a paid service, Thachers escapades have generally gone unhindered. Although his use of excessive force is frequently reprimanded by his superiors, they can never argue with his results.

Thacher also has many cyber implants and gadgets, such as a voice emulator, which allows him to copy any voice pattern. Holographic projectors which project images that appear to be real from a distance. All of these technologies were deemed “disruptive”, and are the results of his previous “reaping” missions.


- Ruthless
- Cocky
- Loyal

John Jack Johnson

CEO of the small company Solaricorp. JJJ has the vision of cheap clean energy for all. Seeing the potential of Higgs Generators as the answer for the energy crisis, he changed gears of his family business to focus on solving the high amount of cosmic radiation that Higgs Generators. Solaricorp was originally a solar energy company, but due to the exponential rate of consumption of energy, mainly due to WoDNF, solar is not enough to satisfy baseline demand alone.

JJJ personally hired Valerie after he gave a lecture at her university on sustainable energy. He later also met Fischer while giving the same lecture at MIT. He saw their potential and managed to sell them both on the idea of saving the world with their contributions. However due to the financial strain placed on Solaricorp from the research cost, JJJ was forced to sell the company to Atlasian corp. B oth Valerie and Fischer felt betrayed by JJJ selling their hard work to a cause that they wanted no part of.

Hair: Grey
Eyes: Black
Height: 6′
Build: Big/athletic
Blood Type: A-positive


JJJ is an electrical engineer, from a long line of electrical engineers. He is a part time professor at MIT, and often gives lectures on sustainable systems.

He inherited the company Solaricorp from his father. The company has never been too good with finances, which often results in the research budget exceeding the income.


- Leader
- Angry