Chainmail Bikini

Chainmail Bikini
Tuesday — January 19th, 2010

TV Tropes: Chainmail Bikini

For those who don’t know about TV Tropes, you might want to block off a few hours of your time before you visit the site. At least for me, it has occupied way too much of my time.

– Alex

Book of Eli

I think the site is finally stable again, sorry for all the downtime. I had to jump though hoops with to get things working.

I went to watch “The Book of Eli” over the weekend. The action and the twist at the end made the movie amazing. Denzel Washington did a great job being a real bad ass. He was Wesley Snipes, original “Blade”, bad ass. The movie got my friends and I thinking about how to survive in a post apocalyptic world? Where would be the best place to survive the nukes? Where would you go to survive? What would you take with you?


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