Casu Marzu – Things I Would Not Eat

Casu Marzu – Things I Would Not Eat
Saturday — January 7th, 2012

Alex introduced me to this cheese found in Sardinia, Italy. Apparently they deliberately introduce a special fly that consumes cheese. The flies eventually lay eggs and once the larva hatch they start to break down the cheese further, so it becomes soft and liquid like.

Larva in the cheese isn’t such a big deal, except that these larva are long jumpers. The larva can leap up to 15 cm when disturbed, so when your eating it, you have to keep a hand over it as you bring it to your face, so you don’t get larva up the nose or in the eye.

Nice find Alex, I want to try this, but they don’t have any in Toronto. I guess the next time I’m in Italy I’ll make sure I try it.

True Story

Saturday — January 7th, 2012

Inspired by a boingboing post. I drew this a few days ago after being reminded about this cheese on reddit, and it was such the coincidence that it was reposted on the boings yesterday.

– Alex

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  1. Winnie

    I suppose this is better than maggots in ground pork

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