023: Candle Burning At Both Ends

023: Candle Burning At Both Ends
Tuesday — November 16th, 2010

I kind of feel like Fischer right now. Covered in flames and shot in the back. Doing way too many projects, and have way too many hobbies going on right now. Just need to relax go have a beer, do nothing for a bit.

I think the world has a tendency to overwhelm you and we can only rely on our friends and family to shield us from the crap.

– Danny


Fun Fact: The “APLRDV” on his PIP navi stands for “Anterior Posterior Left Right Dorsal Ventral”, designating six directions in 3D space. He’s totes losing shield integrity on the anterior shield banks, yo.

– Alex


  1. JackXD

    In the future people will have digital tattoo’s which are powered by your blood.
    Just thought I should mention that.

  2. Gwyndolyn

    Hey, so I’m not sure how to contact you guys, so I’ll be using this comment box.
    1. Thanks for making a great comic.
    2. Keep it up, even though times are tough. Glad you have to many things you love to do, and hope you’ll find time for them all. At least, work hard until the holidays.
    3. Just thought I should mention, since I got introduced to ValkyrieSky by you guys, they just recently announced that they’ll be shutting down in December, so you might want to have one last play before then.

    Thanks again for the great comic, and the ideas I’ve had the pleasure of pondering engendered by your inspiration. Take care and have fun. I’ll be back to read another time.

  3. Danny

    hmm interesting

    Thanks for the kind words and props! We loves positive feedback.
    As for valkyrieSky it sucks that they are shutting down, really fun game, their lag issues make multi-player weird. If you like hack and slash, check out http://vindictus.nexon.net/ also has some lag issues, but it makes you feel epic.


  4. vicky

    fire against a plasma window seems kinda redundant seeing as a plasma consists of a superheated gas at temperatures high enough to ionise all the atoms contained within the window. also its controlled by a magnetic field so the whole shield integrity thing makes no sense. also it shouldnt work against lasers. and honestly, unless its hot enough to vaporise anything that touches it, it wouldnt be much use as a shield. and also, these things can contain vaccuums. i wouldnt stay in that shield for too long because i imagine the air runs out pretty quick.


    the plasma window idea was what kept me reading though. sweet idea =D

  5. Danny

    Thanks for the post vicky!
    Alex and I had discussed this issue, I originally wanted the generator to pull a new particle discovered by the LHC from a parallel dimension, similar to the Guyver’s bio-booster armor. That way we would be safe on all of the science. We decided it was unbelievable, and wanted something closer to reality, hence the plasma window. We tried to cover our tracks by saying Derrick thought of a way to make it burn cooler but you caught us :D

  6. vicky

    honestly, I like the parallel dimension particle theory. its just that the technology would be pretty far fetched (im not sure what timescale we’re looking at because i dont know when the story is set. if it was mentioned, then its my bad. im not very observant/my memory is awful).
    if i wasn’t into physics, I’d probably find the idea of parallel dimensions crazy, but it seems only logical to me that they exist. controlling stuff that exists in other dimensions, however….

    basically, the plasma thing was probably a good call. trying to make it physically plausible when you invent your own physics can only lead to madness. orrr lazy writing.

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