BP Public Relations

BP Public Relations
Thursday — June 24th, 2010

I think we should leave the Public Relations to professionals, this twitter account is hilarious.

It really bothers me that there is little I can do to prevent natural disasters. I’m also too far to help, if only there was some way to pilot robot drones to clean up the mess, instead of sending them overseas to make a mess.



This isn’t exactly a “natural” disaster, unless you count British oil rigs as a force of nature. This is more like the careless destruction of the Gulf of Mexico due to stupidity, corruption, vanity, and other traits of the human condition. It’s just that this one just hit closer to home than we would have liked; Nigeria has to deal with these sort of spills on a weekly basis. Three hundred a year? Seriously? That’s a lot of chocolate pelicans.

– Alex


Want to see what the oil spill looks like if it was in your home town?


– Alex

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