Blockbuster Closing Sale

Blockbuster Closing Sale
Sunday — August 22nd, 2010

I can never resist a good deal. This pico project I got from block buster was 50 bucks, down from 200. Sure some may say I’m the victim of the anchoring effect, but this pico projector kicks ass. Too bad I haven’t used it since I bought it 2 months ago, it sits here collecting dust along with that hanna montana picture cube, that I swear I’ll get around to hacking.

In regards to the blockbusters closing, I’m shocked, yet not entirely surprised. I witnessed that shop open with it’s massive block party and free give aways. I watched it cause the closure of many local video shops, except for my favourite Queen Video which is still around. I watched it struggle to stay alive by buying and selling video games, and finally I watched it close it’s doors forever after a 30% then 50% off everything sale.

I think the real problem with blockbuster was moral stance on films, which resulted in it lacking any films worth watching. Often times they would only focus on new releases “blockbuster” films, often neglecting foreign films and ones with adult content. Then services like netflicks and hulu came around, and offered a wider range of films, and greater accessibility. People just stopped going to the store as it was less convenient then ordering the film online during work hours at your desk. Maybe if they provided incentive for people to show up to the store. It’s hard to say how they could have prevented this outcome. Why do people still go to massive book stores? They can do the same thing, and order the book online, for cheaper like amazon. I guess the difference is for books you own them. As for video rentals you don’t need to keep or touch them. Also why go to blockbuster even to buy videos, when you can do that at walmart or best buy.

Maybe if blockbuster provided a reason to go to the store, like having the stars how up to sign the movies, similar to the way bookstores do book signings. Or have a place where movie renters could form a community, like a cafe or like a preview area, giving them a reason to go to the store, to occupy the space.

It will be interesting to see what they will do next to survive.


PS. Went to Darien lake yesterday, the ride of steel rocks!

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