Bikini For Every Occasion

Bikini For Every Occasion
Saturday — June 5th, 2010

There are a few reasons why packing light is superior. The first reason is so that you can avoid waiting for your luggage to pop up on the conveyor belt, easily saving you 30 minutes. The second reason is the anxiety that I avoid, as I worry that my luggage was left on the air strip.
Some of you might think I’m just being paranoid, but on our trip to DR, I was looking out the window, and it just so happened that they were loading luggages. I saw that they actually left a luggage behind. The luggage looked really familiar, but I decided not to say anything until we landed as we could do nothing about it being left behind. Turns out it was one of our travel mates luggages. So they ended up having to wait a day without a change clothes until they shipped it back to our hotel in DR.

Sometimes I hate it when I’m right.


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  1. winnie

    On the contrary… after going on two all inclusive resort trips, one with a big luggage and the other with a small, I truly believe the bigger the luggage, the better. You will be stuck on the resort for the majority of your stay, so why not bring all things and more to make it a more luxurious stay and truly enjoy yourself?

    Furthermore, you can have more space for souvenirs and booze shall you choose to buy some… versus putting YOUR booze in someone else’s luggage, and breaking a bottle in THEIR suitcase due to over-cramming.

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