Better Than a Gift Card

Better Than a Gift Card
Tuesday — May 12th, 2009

You might know the  joke about gift cards, about how they’re just like cash, except not as useful? I sort of understand that gifts need some sort of sentiment behind them, but I can’t get over how cash is more efficient. Or maybe gift buying is not something I’m good at. =\

– Alex ^.^()


  1. taltamir

    I have ALWAYS enjoyed getting cash the most. gift cards are just not as useful… the worst thing is getting an actual present, those always suck. You either have it already, or you never wanted it in the first place (thats why you don’t have it already)

  2. danny

    I know what you mean, that’s why my parents just give us cash on all major occasions, but sometimes it is nice to get an actual gift. Especially the type of gift that gives you the feeling they know you well.


  3. gift cards

    When you go to Walgreens etc, there are a variety of gift cards available to applebees, the gap, etc. I’ve looked at a lot of pre-paid visa affiliate programs, but I would like to find an affiliate program that offers other gift cards, that I can offer to my customers. Any suggestions?.

  4. Misoski

    Moneys is best cause we do not want to clutter you with physical crap :3

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