Beach Activities

Beach Activities
Tuesday — June 8th, 2010

A while back, I was at the beach with some friends, and we decided to make a man in the sand. So we made a bad-ass man with an 8 pack in the sand. Ever since then I try to make the same sort of Fresco style art work in the sand. This trip I made a mermaid on paradise island and a dragon at our resort.

While I was making the mermaid, I had a weird feeling in my head, after scratching, I found a tiny crab the size of a coin in my hair. My travel mates instantly wanted to feed it rum, which they did. They also did that to a sea urchin before dumping it back into the sea.

I’ll upload some of the photos when I get them, also the video of the urchin which was really cool.


Alex spent extra time doing this one, I really love it what do you guys think?

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  1. guy

    good stuff, especially the school swimsuit… it even has Japanese word on it!
    thou i wonder what people might think if they see a sukumizu at the beach

    and that gun would rust no?

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