Avatar Real 3D

Avatar Real 3D
Saturday — January 9th, 2010

The Avatar 3D experience in IMAX was so intense, that a man actually threw up. Unfortunately the man threw up BEHIND my friend Alex, without aiming down, without saying sorry, right at the climax of the movie. Needless to say it was Alex’s worst movie experience ever.

I used to work at the theater and did just about every job. I was a ticket seller, ticket checker, theater cleaner, washroom cleaner, and food server, sometimes all in one night. Making money ain’t easy.


No, that wasn’t me

I was not the one who was vomited on, that was another Alex. So if there is some sort of Xbox Live achievement for that, it should be revoked or something.

Anyways, while drawing this comic, I was reminded of the definitive Star Wars: Episode I review posted by RedLetterMedia on YouTube. I recommend watching it, despite its length (70 minutes? really?) and despite the stupid sociopath killer allusions.

The last part of the review starts talking about how Lucas botched the movie with his absolute control of the production. It’s argued that hardships and meddling from other people actually create a better end product (“art from adversity”). With no one to challenge Lucas’ divine edicts, bad things result. I think there’s a universal lesson in that somewhere.

– Alex


  1. cholocharlie

    do you like cheese
    i liek cheese

  2. Ican'tthinkofanamerightnow

    i saw that movie and to be honest i figured out the entire plot and how it was going to end about 30 min into the movie, im pretty sure there was a hidden save the environment message (im all for saving the environment i just don’t like subliminal messages) it was kinda a rip-off of a fight between cowboys and indians (only the cowboys have bigger guns and airships and the indians are, uh, blue) but the 3-D effects were so freakin AWESOME that i didnt care. i would see it again and again without hesitaion!!!!!
    BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!

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