Aspirational Cosplay

Aspirational Cosplay
Tuesday — August 31st, 2010

Yes, Badass of the Week is a real site. A recent badass was Galvarino, who’s ass was suitably bad enough to warrant a comic.

FanExpo 2010 was kind of hit and miss for me.


  • Lots of great cosplayers!
  • I bought stuff! The Zombie Survival Guide, a Touhou doujin comic (of which I don’t know the title because it is in strange moon runes), a pocket watch (which doesn’t run =/ ), and a wooden sword.
  • Dragon Quest tags! I (fully?) upgraded Stornway Inn and I’m totally pimping out with a alchemy item fountain.


  • Lots of elbowing around if you wanted to see some vendors.
  • It was totally oversold! We left for lunch an hour after entry, and we found that there was a huge line up to get back in. Everyone in line was really pissed off, especially since they were still selling tickets to get in.

Pro tips for next FanExpo: bring your own lunch, bring lots of drinks, and don’t leave the goddamn building.

– Alex

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