Apple’s New iPad Tablet

Apple’s New iPad Tablet
Thursday — January 28th, 2010

WSJ said it best:

Last time there was this much excitement about a tablet, it had some commandments written on it.

Followed the liveblog from Engadget. It really looks cool, and makes iPhones look like the fun-sized candy bars you get at Halloween.

So far I’ve resisted the Siren’s call of Apple, but most of the people I know have an iPhone, a magical talking box which somehow has access to the sum knowledge, audio, and video of mankind ever made.

Aside: being the Touhou geek that I am, when I heard iPad, I thought about Sakuya first.

– Alex

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  1. Shreger

    The ipad is /not/ a ‘tablet.’ It is a ‘slate.’ Big difference.

    Slate: A computer with no interface devises except it’s screen.

    Tablet: A computer interface device (not a computer itself) comprised of an array of magnetic sensors and a magnetic ‘pen.’
    -A tablet may or may not be built into a computer monitor.
    -A tablet is sometimes built into select PC laptop screens, hence the name ‘tablet PC.’

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