All About the Numbers

All About the Numbers
Thursday — April 23rd, 2009

Alex and I were discussing about what makes a good RPG. Seems that now a days it is all about stats, and that RPGs have essentially become strategy games. This isn’t entirely true because you have games like Dark Messiah where your stats mean jack, and it’s all about kicking!

I think we need more games with kicking. Oh Duke, when will you return?


Always Bet On Duke

Yeah, Duke 3D was great. The best part was that the melee weapon was kick, and there was a kick button for “quick kick” which kicked with his other foot; you could do a Russian dance across the level with both feet up in the air, kicking for justice.

Anyways, I got my opinion that console RPGs nowadays are just glorified strategy games from this site: –  mostly pretentious reviews of video games which found kinda/sorta insightful.

- Alex ^.^()

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