Ada Loveless

Ada Loveless
Thursday — April 29th, 2010

A look into Ada’s past.

By the way, anyone’s who’s played Deus Ex would know who the Majestic XII are, where they’re related to the Illuminati, what the Echelon Project is, and how to fit a rocket launcher in your pants pocket.

– Alex

Why Ada?

I knew a really tough girl in high school named Ada, she was captain of the swim team. She was also an alto with a great voice. So when Alex and I sat down to create these characters, Ada immediately came to mind. Ada Hatelace was her original name, but Alex felt that was too rough. She can be rough on the outside, but on the inside she’s sweet. Maybe not as sweet as Perl, but still sweet nonetheless.



I don’t think she’s sweet. On the inside, there’s only more bitterness and ichor. It’s a tragic commentary on how intelligence and extreme proficiency result in a distainful and maleficent soul, a being of which light does not escape. Not a tsundere. Grr.

Perl is sweet though.

– Alex

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