A Great Gift

A Great Gift
Tuesday — February 16th, 2010

I spent the last week leveling my pally to 80.  When I got to level 79, I realized that it would be a cool idea to show people the effect of getting to 80.  So I leveled my pally to 1590000/1600000 experience.  Finished the last quest, and left them in front of the quest giver.  I went to work with my laptop with the intention of letting my buddy Justin do the honors.  Justin had a 74 Rouge before quitting, vowing never to play again.  I figured it would be a nice gift for him to get the final sensation of getting to 80.  After trying to convince him all day to just play for a split second more and close the book on WOW forever.  He finally agreed.  We gathered other people around the office who wanted to see level 80 achieved.  Justin selected the quest giver to <accept> the award of experience and gear.  The experience number rose from my pally, but no golden glow and no achievement.  I had miscalculated how much experience he needed to level.  Needless to say, the crowd was pissed.

For Valentines day I decided to bake Winne some epic cup cakes.   I got the receipt from http://www.epicurious.com/video/holidays/holidays-valentines-day/1915458794/making-red-velvet-cupcakes/1915433406.  After about 4 hours of hand mixing and hand frosting I was finally finished, and they were delicious.


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