The Witcher US version

The Witcher US version
Tuesday — March 31st, 2009

Apparently in their attempts to censor the Witcher game of adult content, they accidentally took out all the blood and gore. So there’s a patch to put the blood and gore back into the game…



  1. Comicmade

    A bit color makes your strips look much more attractive.
    I also like the joke of this one very much :-)

    Maby you like to upload some of them to the cartoonist community I programmed together with other artists

    Its completely free, just driven by artists and very active.
    Although its quite new on the web, it has already a fine selection of international comic artists.

    I know you would find a lot of new fans there :-)
    Martin Sander (

  2. MorphineMatt

    How much is Martin making on this scam? :-)

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