1 Million Views

1 Million Views
Saturday — October 8th, 2011

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the fans that keep coming back week after week to see what Alex and I are up to.

Hope you all are enjoying the stories we share with you.

I want to thank Alex for hearing out all my ridiculous ideas and making them into pieces of Art.

TOBlender will continue to get better and better every comic, until it is one of the greats.


Saturday — October 8th, 2011

Also, yesterday was Ada Lovelace Day. I mentioned this last year, and by Geroge, it happened again.


  1. taki314

    Over 9,000!!!!!!!!
    Seriously though, you have at least one fan in Minnesota. Keep up the good art!

  2. Danny

    Thanks! Alex will be thrilled we have at least one fan besides ourselves :D

  3. guy

    as long as you have touhou, i’ll be here… keep the funnies coming!

  4. Alex

    Thanks. I’ll use your comment to petition Danny to increase in the Touhou allotment.

  5. satori

    Well, I’m having fun with the posts, so it’s highly likely I’d be frequenting the site hehe ^^

  6. Danny

    Thanks for the support!

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