028: Abducted

028: Abducted
Sunday — December 5th, 2010

Yes, Valerie was shot in comic 001. She got better (it was just a tranquilizer).

A quick recap:

  • Valerie and Derrick Fischer both work for Solaricorp, creating force shields for fusion power generators. The company is now destroyed.
  • Atlantian was buying out Solaricorp for the force shield technology, to be used for military purposes instead.
  • The Septentrion is . . . ?

– Alex


  1. JackXD

    As far as I remember she was shot IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET! How the hell did Thatcher pull that one off?

    Future edit (if you could edit posts): Just saw the first one, guess Thatcher could have pulled it off if he was disguised as a cop.

  2. Alex

    Well, not so much in the middle of the street. It’s an indoor parking complex, at night.

  3. JackXD

    Well, he was still disguised as a cop! Why would he do that in an empty parking complex, at night?

  4. Danny

    The reaper wears many “hats”, just like working for the better business beuro.

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