027: Sight For Sore Eyes

027: Sight For Sore Eyes
Tuesday — November 30th, 2010

Finally finished a lot of my outstanding projects. Didn’t end up finishing that novel for NaNoWriMo. I’ve come to realized writing novels is hard work. I see why most people have people write for them. I guess my epic about a grizzly bear who goes on an ass kicking spree will remain in my head until November rolls around again.

I thought this video was funny check it out:


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  1. JackXD

    If I had been long gone and met someone I knew and he asked me like, where have I been, I would not have started the story from the beginning. Instead, I would start it at the end so it would look something like this: “I have been away. Now I’m here, and am not going back.” See how short this is? Now I am able to catch my bus.
    P.S. That video is totally dirty… Even I didn’t know how many dirty things I knew until now.

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