025: Keep Digging

025: Keep Digging
Tuesday — November 23rd, 2010

I had some difficulty choosing an appropriate expression for the last panel. Here are some alternatives, so choose the one that optimizes your comic viewing experience: face1, face2, face3, face4

Open them all in tabs and quickly rotate through them for best effect. If none of those are to your satisfaction, you can roll your own (and share with us!): blank

– Alex

Sponsored Post: LG Optimus One

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LG. All opinions are 100% mine.

Turns out they have the LG Optimus with android as well.  I’ve done some development for android, and I feel it will be the future of smart phone usage.  In terms of applications, I feel the iPhone will still be more profitable for the developer.  The reason being Apple has really gotten their users into the mind set of buying  applications, where as android doesn’t have that solid user base.  However, if companies like LG keep putting out quality phones such as this one in addition to making the market place even better.  Android could be a platform where amazing apps are released.  Then again there are over 80000 apps on the store and growing.  One of my personal favorites is phonalyzr which lets you track your data usage.  If you get this phone and have a data plan I highly recommend it.  Speaking of apps LG has an app adviser, this actually recommends the 10 ten apps ever 2 weeks so you always know what’s hot.


This phone has enough features to make anyone jealous.  It has a camera with face tracking and smile shot.  This means you can take pictures without having to click the button.  How cool is that?  

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  1. JackXD

    Face 2 would have been nice. BTW, second panel is funny. It looks like a stickman with an destructive energy ball around him.

  2. Danny

    Dam alex we could have released these as filler lol.

  3. Alex

    We still can, Danny! Quick, call up the preisdent of the Internet and cancel that shipment of jpegs!

  4. Lukkai

    Agree that it’s a close call between the actually used one and face number 2. 3 is a bit too much of a cliché and not really matching the comics style (still funny though) and 4 simply over the top. As for 1… :D

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