024: Overdrive

024: Overdrive
Saturday — November 20th, 2010

The phase shield’s short projection range is due to its high energy upkeep cost. The energy needed to power the matter rejection fields increases geometrically with its radius, and the temperature of the EM barrier skyrockets as efficiency trends to zero.

As a prototype though, there’s lots of ways to disable fail-safes and dump all of the on-board energy in one last-ditch burst. In the production model, overriding these fail-safes will void your warranty.

(You might have noticed we’re dropping Thursday’s comic while we’re working on the “full page” comics. We’ll still be posting something on Thursdays to tide all y’all over though, like maybe a YouTube link of a cat trying to get jump a box that’s way too small.)

– Alex

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LG has really loaded up this phone with a bunch of features:

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All very interesting.

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  1. The Brow

    Hey, I just read through your comic and liked what I saw. One critique, though, is that the character’s interactions and reactions don’t really match up with the pacing of the story. I respect that the story is in medias res, and that events are happening quickly; I just figure Fischer and Ruby would be a bit more desperate and panicked after finding out all of his coworkers were killed and he is being actively manhunted.

  2. Alex

    Thanks for your critique. I’ll keep the pacing in mind for next time.

    We already have a bunch of other “lessons learned”, since this is our first long-form comic, like spending more time on planning characters and designs beforehand.

  3. Danny

    Thanks for the comments Brow. We thought the readers were getting tired of all the qq, so we decided to lay on the pew pew. Turns out you guys do like qq :D

  4. JackXD

    I sense a Nuclear fallout coming my way… Better start diggin’ the shelter.

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