021:Central Park

021:Central Park
Tuesday — November 9th, 2010

I really hate it when people cut you off mid sentence. Dad is notorious for this, often times he’ll call me, and before I can finish my sentence he hangs up. I often call him back, complain about how rude that was, try to finish what I was saying and be hung up on again.

One time, I was so determined to finish my point that I ended up calling him 7 times. He finally asked if I was done talking on the 7th call. To which I replied “Sort of”.

As for why we decided to have the confrontation in “Central”, I felt they needed the space to have a DBZ style fight.


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  1. JackXD

    You come to a guy with a flamethrower, behind his back and you say to him “Hey!”.
    Freaking awesome. If he hadn’t got the shield I guess he would have never done that.

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