020: Last Chance

020: Last Chance
Saturday — November 6th, 2010

Fischer relates that this showdown is inevitable.

I admire the assassin’s motivation though. If I just lost my arm and most of my blood, I’d at least use the excuse to take the rest of the day off.

– Alex


  1. JackXD

    Wait, after all that he just wants to make a name for himself? How selfish can you be? XD

  2. Alex

    It’s one of the perks of “saving the world”. Supposedly.

  3. JackXD

    Well, if you are saving the world, saving like everyone, then I suppose you deserve some fame. And cash. Lots of ‘em.
    Reminds me of that guy from “The Watchmen” who revealed his identity and commercialized his “hero” status.

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