015: The First Stone

015: The First Stone
Tuesday — October 26th, 2010

Seems like Derrick decided to quit in a spectacular manner. Some jobs don’t even deserve a formal letter. I remember one job I had during the summer, where I was trying to “give” people vacations, which they had to pay $1000 dollars for. I called the boss up the second day and said I’m not coming in ever again. To my surprise he thanked me for letting him know. I assume most people just don’t show up.

The craziest quitting story I heard was from a coworker. Basically, he was working at a place which was trying to blackmail him to get him to work for free. One day he had enough, went got some silver coil and a car battery. Rigged it up to a brief case. Walked in and told them he quit. They told him they had files on him on the servers, that they had floppy disk with data on him, but he was like “what files”; EMP ON. The lights flicker, he walks out of the place with a burning hot suit case, and didn’t hear from the jerks ever again.

Moral of the story, never mess with an ex military explosives specialist.

Got any crazy quitting stories? Share them below.


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