013: Better Than Planned

013: Better Than Planned
Thursday — October 21st, 2010

We had a long discussion about this comic. The question was should we have Fischer kill? Should any hero kill? Batman doesn’t kill. But Fischer is no batman, he didn’t take on the role of a hero. In fact is he even a hero?



  1. JackXD

    Sometimes, people deserve to die. If batman killed Joker when he could, many would have been spared.
    In this case, this isn’t murder, he didn’t kill the guy- he protected his and his friends life.

  2. Danny

    Silly batman, he could have prevented robin 2 from dying. Which created Red Hood 2.

  3. Marko

    um, there have been several version f Batman where he does actually kill people!

  4. JackXD

    Give us an example so we can check it out, dude!

  5. Antonious

    A kill is a kill. How the individual reacts is what counts. Personally, I would take pictures and send them to those who still think Mr. Murphy is a myth and can’t ruin your day.

  6. guy

    sadly im more concerned about the boobs on his back then bat man
    but yeah, bat man did kill people in some of the versions

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