007: Not So Lucky

007: Not So Lucky
Tuesday — October 5th, 2010

Fischer makes it over to Ruby’s.

Yes, Virginia, there is a portable force field generator.

– Alex

Po Po Po Power UP

You guys have been awfully silent. Alex often wonders if anyone even read this comic. I have to assure him that there at least some people we don’t know that read TOBlender. Please comment below even if it’s unrelated to the comic, give us some feedback so we can improve!


Boost Mobile (Sponsored post)

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

There has be a massive explosion of phone companies recently in Canada. This is mainly due to the fact that a new band was finally opened up. For the longest time 4 companies took turns ganking Canadians, and I’m glad there are new companies that have finally taken the fight on behalf of the consumer.

Those of you in the states and pretty much any other country have way more options, like Boost Mobile, a prepaid service by Sprint.

What I like is their Re-Boost, which lets you pay with a credit card and it won’t tie that card to your account. Perfect for ninjaing someone’s card.

Boost mobile seems highly focused on socializing, letting you facebook/twitter etc. Remind me of Virgin mobile up here. Except Virgin has parties and stuff.

Finally Boost has a little of Canada with them, since they have Blackberry available, that’s right Blackberry is CANADIAN WOOTS.

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  1. Rokwar


  2. Maximillion Power

    I read the comic, don’t be worried

  3. winnie

    plot summary (brief one!) and… update characters bio :D

  4. Delta

    I am the darkness that flaps in the night,
    I am the creepy fan who follows you around the con

    I am… Darkwing Duck!

    And I read the comic.


  5. danny

    See Alex, there are people reading the comic :D ,

    Do you guys like the arc so far? Or do you prefer one time gags?


  6. Alex

    Aww, you guys. I wish I could go Oprah on all ya’ll and give each of you a car.

  7. Matt

    Sorry for never commenting. I read this comic every day it comes out, but I only just found the comment button xD
    I guess I’ll be a little more attentive next time.

  8. guy

    actual storyline? i may not see anymore touhou reference but i still check every day

  9. nato

    i read this every day it comes out :) enjoying the arc so far aswell, keep it up guys!

  10. Rokwar

    I enjoy the new comic arc :D , its interesting, and I’m curious to see what happens. I’m a sucker for anything sci-fi

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